Meet Cassie!

Hi! Founder, mixologist, and aesthetic lead here! Let me tell you a bit about myself and The Wandering Wagon:

I felt motivated to create a company that combined the mountain, western, and high-end aesthetics of Colorado all into one. I'm a horse rider myself, and while I was searching for a new trailer for my own horse, Rio, I realized that transforming one into a mobile bar could be the perfect way to fulfill my vision. After that it all came together so quickly! The Wandering Wagon was born and it was the perfect fit for me. I absolutely love the creativity of designing menus, inventing drinks, and styling my bars so that they're just the right thing to push your event to the next level.

Along with this company, I also co-own Wild Social Micro Weddings and coach small businesses! As a former teacher coaching entrepreneurs feeds my education loving soul!

Head to the Contact page to request a quote today. The Wandering Wagon team would love to be a part of your special day!

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