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Cassie Lopez

Founder and co-owner

Cassie felt motivated to create a company that combined the mountain, western, and high-end aesthetics of Colorado all into one. She's a horse rider herself, and while searching for a new trailer for her horse Rio, Cassie realized that transforming one into a mobile bar could be the perfect way to fulfill her vision.  Cassie absolutely loves the creativity of inventing cocktails, releasing new menus each season, and scheming up new ways to push your event to the next level.

Along with The Wandering Wagon Cassie co-owns Wild Social with Mallory. That's right, when you hire The Wandering Wagon you're working with a bartending team that also are wedding planners! This unique edge allows them to see all aspects of your event!

Mallory Kincaid


Mallory's the new face here at The Wandering Wagon, but you might recognize her from the other business she shares with Cassie, Wild Social Micro Weddings.

Mallory's got the eye for design on this team and loves making sure all the little details are working together when it comes to designing menus, decorating the bar, anything visual really! (Can you tell she's a former art teacher?!) Cassie and Mallory met while teaching and soon after co-founded Wild Social Micro Weddings. Mallory loves working in the wedding industry and is excited to broaden her scope to all types of weddings with The Wandering Wagon.

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Sofi Lopez

Operations Assistant

Sofi handles the behind-the-scenes aspects of The Wandering Wagon. Everything from answering inquiries to product design. And if you notice a family resemblance, yes she is Cassie's sister! (And Mallory's honorary sister as well)

Sofi lives all the way in Minnesota so it's rare to see her at a Wandering Wagon event.

You might recognize Sofi from her candle company, Savour Candle Co that's often featured in our photoshoots.

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