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Ready to shake it up but don't have the bar tools? We got you!

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Bar tools can be expensive! Even the basics add up, and if you're just shaking things up at home why spend the money?! Even just the basics of a good quality shaker, jigger, and strainer can add up quickly. If you want to get crafty with your cocktails and need to get creative let us help you! Here are six common kitchen items that you can use in a pinch or on the daily!

Shaker tin- If you need something to shake those delicious dranks in just reach for a mason jar. Any jar with a lid works great as a shaker. No jars? Try a tea tumbler. The added benefit to these are that they double as a glass if you're feelin' it.

Jigger- Math time, yikes! Grab a 1/4 measuring cup or tablespoon when making a drink or two. Batched cocktails? Bring out the big measuring cups! Most drinks use 2 ounces which is a 1/4 cup. A tablespoon equals one ounce!

Strainer- Are you getting fancy and muddling? Use a tea strainer and a slotted spoon with fruit, herbs, or crushed ice. A slotted spoon by itself works perfectly if your just working with larger ice cubes. Flip the spoon upside down and set it in the mouth of a mason jar for your perfect pour!

Muddler- Speaking of muddling, use the butt end of a wooden spoon with a wider base. This way you can flatten those herbs and smash that fruit! An extra tip, hold it where the spoon meets the handle for better control!

Citrus Squeezer- Need to squeeze a lemon or lime for your cocktail but don't have a squeezer or a press? Use a fork! Stick the fork in your citrus and squeeze your lemon or lime around it while twisting the fruit.

Bar Spoon- Need something that gets a good spin in your cocktail? Use chopsticks! They are light and slender enough to save your wrist from the strain. Stir against a pint glass or a mixing glass quickly and get ready for some deliciousness!

Have any other tricks up your sleeve for bartending on the fly? Drop them in the comments!

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