My 2022 Mobile Bar Survival List

As I approach my third wedding season as a mobile bar owner it is time to restock and add inventory to get myself and my team through this season. Hopefully a little smoother this time around as the first season of the wedding boom absolutely kicked our butts! I have learned which products are crap and which are an absolute must so as I stock our new bars to head out I wanted to share the products I love with the mobile bar community!

  1. Collapsable Folding Wagon: This is a game changer for any event, with or without a mobile bar! Not only do we use this to load and unload our own products but we also use this to move the liquor order at the beginning, middle, and end of the event. Similar to most mobile bartending companies we cannot provide liquor which means our clients supply all of the beer, wine, and alcohol. We load as much as we need to get through cocktail hour and leave the rest in a safe place away from guests. Throughout the night we restock as needed and this wagon is everything to us! We typically do 3 events on a Saturday so I have 1 wagon for each bar, my team yelled "FINALLY!" when I showed up with this!

  2. Bio Agave Straws: One of my big goals for 2022 is to be more sustainable. We absolutely do not want to use plastic straws and never have, but we didn't love our straws until I stumbled across these. We have used paper and hay straws but have never loved either. One day while sitting in a cafe I ordered a smoothie and it was served with an agave straw. I am telling ya'll, it was love at first sight! They don't get soggy, don't crack, and are great for multiple uses. Sometimes my clients use the same one all night! These agave straws are biodegradable, don't break down, and they do not leave a taste!

  3. Manual Citrus Press: I still haven't found an electric juicer I love, but I am all about this manual press! We fresh squeeze our citrus so I have three of these. During season we have a night with a few bartenders once a week to prep fresh ingredients for the weekend. We line these babies up to get through as much juice as possible. We freeze what is prepped which can be thawed one time to use for an event. We don't want to waste our precious frozen citrus so we thaw what we know we will use and bring fresh citrus as back up. On the weekend one of these babies goes with each team so they can all juice while on the go if necessary. I love it because you don't have to rely on have easy access to electricity and the chances of it breaking are slim compared to an electric juicer. If you have found something electric that you do love please let a girl know!

  4. Bar Towels: You can never have enough of these on hand. We always pack at least 4 bar towels per bartender. This is what we use to wipe down before set up, during the event, and our clean up before tear down. I'd buy 4 packs of these before season starts! This is another part of how we are working to be more sustainable, trying to cut that paper towel waste!

  5. Stainless Steel Ice Scoop: The cocktail cups we use are 9 and 10 ounces so I prefer a smaller 6 oz scoop. After all, ice is a precious resource here in the mobile bar world so you don't want to waste it! These also wash better than scoops I have used previously.

  6. Funnels: As a business owner another big goal of mine is to cut down my own waste from a budget point of view. It seems silly to some but one of those ways is to prevent spills. We also consider our fresh squeezed citrus to be liquid gold, lots of time and muscle goes into it! When we are transferring our juices from the gallon jugs (see next) we use a funnel to prevent any spillage. Another weekly use for them is transferring our simple syrups into small squeeze bottles.

  7. Reusable 1 Gallon Jug: This is what we use to freeze our citrus and transport our back up juices. They are reusable, food-safe, and BPA free. The leak-resistant lid is what really sold me! There is nothing worse than showing up to an event with a sticky cooler and lost product!

  8. 110 QT Cooler On Wheels: I have been through my fair share of coolers and these are my recent go-to coolers, we have 6! We bring hundreds of pounds of ice to each event so the wheels are a must. This cooler keeps ice frozen for days and personally I like showing up to an event with matching coolers. Each event goes out with 2-4 of these coolers depending on the size of the event. We have room in each mobile bar for one of these coolers to hold ice as we need to refill our ice bin and galvanized buckets to chill beer and wine throughout the night. The rest of the coolers spend their night in the bed of the truck holding out backup ice! Each cooler can hold 4-5 of the 20 lb bags and we use about 2 lb per guest depending on the menu, hours of service, and weather!

To my fellow mobile bar owners- I hope some of these products help you get through round 2 of the wedding boom! As an Amazon affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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