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Guava Margarita

So if you have been following me for 2 seconds on social media you know that I am a margarita girl! I drink them year long and do not care if they are supposed to be a summer drink. I'm obsessed. I also am obsessed with never ever using a citrus liqueur in my margs. I guess you can call me a margarita snob! Usually I am squeezing and muddling every ingredient for my margaritas but this recipe is a little quicker and equally delicious.


  1. Rim Glass With Salt or Tajin (or be extra like me and do half and half)

  2. Pour 1.5 oz Tequila Blanco in Shaker

  3. Add 2 oz Guava Juice (I really love the Jumex brand)

  4. Add .5 oz Agave

  5. Add 1 oz FRESH SQUEEZED lime juice (stay away from the fake stuff)

  6. Add ice

  7. Shake Vigorously for 30 Seconds

  8. Strain over Ice

  9. Enjoy!

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