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20 Questions to ask your bartending service

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Make sure you hire a bartending company that is dedicated to making sure your day runs smooth and can handle any situation thrown at them. Your bartending service should put your event over the top, not stress you out!

  1. Are your bartenders TIPS certified?

  2. Does your bartending company have liquor liability and general liability?

  3. Will there be a signature drink (or two) for the event?

  4. Who is providing the mixers, garnishes, ice, and cups?

  5. How much of each type of alcohol is needed? If we are providing the alcohol will you tell us how much we need?

  6. How long will be needed for setup and cleanup?

  7. Where will the bar(s) be located?

  8. Who is providing the bar and backbar?

  9. What will drinks be served in and who is providing it?

  10. Will regular non-alcoholic drink service be served?

  11. Does a champagne toast cost extra?

  12. How much ice will be needed? Who is providing the ice? How will the ice be stored?

  13. How will drinks be chilled and who is responsible for doing so?

  14. How many bartenders will be needed to serve your number of guests?

  15. Is more than one bar needed in order to avoid lines?

  16. What time does the bar open?

  17. What time is last call?

  18. What will happen to left over alcohol?

  19. How will the bar menu be displayed?

  20. Does anything need to be rented for the bar? (i.e. drink dispensers, coolers, etc.)

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